At Eco Fix UK Energy Solutions, we strive for sustainability in everything we do. From providing sustainable solutions, products, and focusing on reducing carbon emissions and saving energy throughout our services, circular economy principles are our focus. We understand that we need to push the boundaries for the protection of the environment and our future.

This is why we are incredibly proud to be one of the key partners of The Regen Initiative. Created by F Mark and partnered with Eco Fix Energy Solutions and COCO Lighting, The Regen Initiative is a new lighting fixture refurbishment service.

The aim is to deliver sustainable, circular lighting solutions by breathing new life into existing fixtures.

This remanufacturing process focuses on three main goals: energy consumption, longevity, and durability.

Energy Consumption

LED luminaires offer significantly less energy consumption than traditional filaments, but we can do one better by not completely replacing the old luminaires for new each time. The old luminaires often have plenty of life and only need upgrading to LED solutions to work better than before.


Remanufacturing products lengthens the life of existing products and keeps them in use for longer. Longer LED life means that products can last for generations to come, reducing carbon and keeping products in line with circular economy principles.


By designing and manufacturing products to the highest standards, this ensures a longer durability and use of the product, with less requirements for upgrades and replacements and the associated carbon use that this further production requires. Regulatory frameworks are encouraging manufacturers to begin offering upgradeable fittings.

Remanufacturing allows for product upgrades that are better than new, replacing a luminaire with new technology rather than repairing an outdated one. This means that as well as reducing energy costs, lighting quality is improved, and products are compliant to the latest standards.

As a partner of The Regen Initiative, all of our products are designed, engineered, validated, manufactured, tested, certified, warranted and installed to the highest quality, in the UK, in line with the latest regulatory standards. We source from localised supply chains in line with Circular Economy principles, and our process is open and collaborative, welcoming project opportunities with multiple lighting OEMs and installers.

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