Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips…

At Eco Fix UK Energy Solutions, we believe that every step counts in our sustainability journey and that even incremental changes can have a significant impact over time.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to providing sustainable solutions, reducing carbon, and saving energy.

Adopting sustainable practices as a company involves embracing processes that minimise the impact on the environment, prioritise social responsibility and ensure long-term economic viability.

We regularly assess our performance and criteria to ensure we are on the right track

Through our trusted partnerships we are aiming to increase
our sustainable practices, such as…

Our packaging being 100% recycled

Working on our warranty for product longevity and a sustainable lifecycle

Waste from production is recycled

We are committed to the climate, find out about our role in The Regen InitiativE

When this icon features next to a product in our range, it means that the solution has been designed using Circular TM66 principles in mind. TM65 and TM66 principles are at the forefront of best practice in lighting, and Eco Fix UK aim to integrate these guidelines into our actions as much as possible.

TM65 and TM66 are technical memorandums from renowned industry body CIBSE. These technical memorandums provide succinct and straightforward guidance on new technologies or how to develop new approaches to existing systems. TM66 looks at creating a circular economy in the lighting industry, providing practical guidance and tools to support a sustainable approach to lighting.

Working in conjunction with TM66 is TM65, which provides guidance on how to use environmental product declarations (EPDs) to assess the embodied carbon of building services equipment. It also offers guidance on how to estimate embodied carbon in situations where a EPD is not available.


At Eco Fix UK Energy Solutions, we understand that sustainability is not just about a product or practice. It’s about striving to push the boundaries for the protection of the environment and our future”.

We are raising awareness about the importance of sustainability, contact us to find out more.