Lighting plays a significant role in Retail…

Generally lighting in retail needs to be effective in enhancing product visibility and highlighting merchandise to cleverly assist in influencing customer behaviours and spending patterns.

It helps customers make informed purchase decisions and enables people to spend more time browsing and exploring products. Lighting can also be used to reflect a brand’s identity and to create a unique atmosphere that aligns with the brand image.

Wayfinding lighting in retail refers to the use of lighting techniques and strategies that guides customers and enhances their navigation within a retail space. General illumination, accent lighting, path lighting, signage lighting, and motion-activated lighting all play a significant part in the overall experience.

The level of brightness is essential to ensure that products are well-illuminated and easily visible to customers. It’s also important to have the correct level of light to ensure precise colour rendering.

Colour rendering refers to how accurately lighting represents the true colours of a product. High-quality lighting with good colour rendering ensures that products appear vibrant and true to life, helping customers to make informed decisions. Ever purchase that red top only to get it home and find out it’s pink?

The next time you indulge in some retail therapy we bet you’ll be paying more attention to light zones and adequate illumination.

But what type of lighting is best?

Accent lighting, spotlights or bespoke lighting fixtures can be used to highlight products and promote signage or seasonal displays. By strategically illuminating key areas retailers can guide and influence customers’ movement during their shopping journey. Task lighting, decorative lighting and ambient light all play a part in creating the perfect experience, learn more by contacting us.