Our solutions are adaptable to a wide variety of sectors and applications, from a bespoke residential or office refurbish, to a large-scale hospitality, retail, or leisure project. Our knowledge, expertise, and products can be adapted to support any project brief and exceed expectations.

Take a look at our work in each sector.


We provide lighting solutions which improve the retail experience by creating a stylish aesthetic, setting the ambience, guiding customers around a space, and highlighting key products and features. We provide solutions for all retail projects, from boutique stores to larger chains, to entire shopping centres. >


Productivity, motivation, and the comfort of workers is impacted by the environment that they work in. We offer unobtrusive lighting solutions without glare to create the optimum working environment. We provide solutions for all office environments, from individual rooms to entire buildings >


We provide a variety of lighting solutions for education settings, to match the function of each space for different purposes and provide an optimum environment for learning. We provide solutions for various educational settings, including schools, colleges, and university campuses. >


Lighting sets the mood in hospitality settings, and we provide solutions which create the perfect ambience for relaxation and guest experience. We provide solutions to meet the aesthetic of any hospitality project, from hotels and spas to bars and restaurants >


We meet the specific lighting requirements for healthcare projects to ensure a bright, light environment which promotes the health and wellbeing of both patients and carers. We provide solutions to meet the requirements for a variety of healthcare settings, include hospitals, GP surgeries, and care homes. >


We work with businesses to provide the optimum lighting solutions for logistics settings, brightening warehouses and fulfilment sites to create light, open plan environments. We provide solutions to meet the requirements of various logistics sites, including warehouses, fulfilment and delivery centres, and supply chain management. >


We bring modern, innovative lighting solutions to heritage buildings to accentuate the rich history and architecture of these spaces with sustainable solutions for years to come. We provide solutions for a range of heritage sites including halls, castles, churches, and more.>


We can light up any leisure environment to create the perfect ambience and aesthetic to meet the project, providing brightness and vibrance.
We provide solutions to enliven a range of leisure environments, from gyms, pools, yoga studios, and leisure centres


We can bring your bespoke residential project to life, meeting your exact requirements to provide a solution which perfectly meets your needs and vision. We can provide various solutions to meet the functions of separate areas of the property, while maintaining an overall aesthetic and finish. >

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