Lighting sets the tone…

Looking to create comfortable, functional living layered with depth and flexibility? Then you’ll need the strategic placement of lighting fixtures and appropriate lighting sources. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination of a residential space, while still providing functionality.

Task lighting focuses specifically on targeted activities, such as cooking, working or reading. Accent lighting adds depth and creates focal points, drawing attention to certain areas or objects. Natural lighting such as windows, skylights and glass doors enhances the overall well-being of occupants and creates a visually pleasing environment that you’d be happy to call home.

Lighting doesn’t have to cost the earth…

Choosing energy-efficient lighting fixtures is a must when it comes to product lifespan, low energy consumption and versatility, are also important factors for any homeowner. When considering the overall visual appeal of your home it goes way past scatter cushions and curtains.

Both functional and decorative lighting creates an inviting atmosphere and by carefully selecting and placing lighting fixtures a visually appealing environment can be created. At Eco Fix UK Energy Solutions, we pair the functionality of light fittings with aesthetic beauty, complementing every element in your home.

From modern and minimalist to traditional and ornate there are countless lighting options available to homeowners. Find out which lighting solutions suits you.