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We provide a vast range of solutions through our extensive portfolio of lighting, EV, and renewable products, to create progressive and exciting environments for our clients, with sustainable solutions fit for the future.

We manufacture and specify Architectural and Commercial Lighting solutions for projects and end users in the UK, with a core focus on energy and sustainability. Our own Eco Fix Energy Solutions brand of lighting is sustainable and circular in design, made in the UK to contribute to the circular economy of lighting solutions.

We work with partners who are renowned for their innovation and design, focusing on the latest cutting-edge technology, and reflecting the vision we offer to our clients, assisting them to achieve their Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility aspirations.

We provide the broadest offerings in the market and are proud to be UK distributors for RZB Lighting, LUG Lighting, Herpa Lighting, BEGA, LumiAdd and Halla Lighting, and to have partnerships with key OEM suppliers throughout the UK and Europe.

Take a look through our extensive product portfolio to find the perfect solutions for your project.


Downlights are luminaires which are often recessed into the ceiling, illuminating a room from above. Downlights can blend into any aesthetic and are adaptable through fixed or rotational options, with adjustable beam width, to focus on key areas or highlight specific features.


Recessed lighting is recessed into the ceiling, concealing the fixture to produce a sleek, minimal aesthetic. There are various trim designs to consider for a desired effect – baffle, reflector, open, eyeball, pinhole, gimbal, shower, slotted, canless, square, and decorative.


Suspended lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling via a wire, cord, or chain. Popular types of suspended lighting are pendants and chandeliers, which come in a range of shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching and attractive lighting fixture.


Track lighting fixes individual luminaires to a mounted track. This offers a flexible lighting solution as lights can be moved along the track to the desired location and angled in different directions. The luminaires fixed to the track can be different sizes and shapes, allowing the lighting to be bespoke to suit any aesthetic.


Wall-mounted fixtures can balance or add to downlights to produce a layered lighting scheme or create ambience in a room, while acting as a dramatic focal point. Wall lights are versatile fixtures and range from spotlights to wall washes.